mother-daughter weekend in the big apple!!


happy thursday everyone!! it’s been a while but i’m back sharing photos and a bit about what i did a few weekends ago with my friend tara, her mom, vivian and my mom, val! viv and val, the infamous duo, have been bff’s since they were 18 and tara and i have grown up hearing countless stories about their escapades over the years (although some stories we just cannot get out of them–not even after several glasses of wine as we’ve tried before haha). tara and viv had never been to nyc before so not only did we get to do all of the classic touristy things, but my mom and i also got to show them our fav things to do after visiting countless times.

let me just note now that our moms are seriously THE BEST for making this trip work, as well as just being the fun and “hip” (lol) mothers they are-getting lemon drops and going to dream baby and staying out till 2am-well one of the nights at least;) we wouldn’t be the daughters we are without you two! ❤

partaking in some of my favorite things in my favorite city with my favorite people definitely tops my list of manhattan memories.

anyways, our weekend began friday morning, ended sunday afternoon and the many photos in-between are below…

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an afternoon in aspen


this past thursday and friday my mom and em and i decided to venture to the mountains to take advantage of some absolutely gorgeous weather! we spent one night in vail, then drove through aspen and independence pass on friday on our way back to town. visiting aspen is always one of my favorite things to do, especially during the summer. the flowers and the weather and the views… i can’t even describe how wonderful everything is there!

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things to do in manhattan!!


hello and i hope everyone is enjoying what has been a wonderful summer thus far! ever since i started school near manhattan and have been visiting there often, i’ve gotten multiple requests regarding things to do while in the city! and i always feel like i’m frantically replying to texts with page long lists hoping that i’m not forgetting something important… because after all there are sooooo many fun things to do in new york city!

since there are so many things to do/see and also eat while in nyc, i decided to split the list up into two separate posts. this one will be all about places to see and things to do and the next one will be all about the food! i’ve spent my fair share of time in manhattan and throughout the trips have thus compiled this master list of all my favorite must-sees while in the big apple.

(one thing i would recommend though while planning a trip here is to check THIS website for the specific days you’ll be in town in case there are any special parades/fairs/concerts/anything else worthy of checking out during your trip.)

anyways, without further a-do and in no particular order…


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2015 really was a great one. i visited four countries, fifteen states, and countless cities. i went on road trips and cruises and was reminded once again of how much i love to travel. i finished my first year of college and started my sophomore year in the fall. i made new friendships and celebrated thirteen years of friendships with my closest friends at home. i saw my first concert in the city and spent almost every weekend in the one and only nyc. i was introduced to to my new favorite game, heads up. i nannied for the two cutest and funniest kids in the world over the summer and learned that there really is no better job than nannying (the zoo and the pool all day, everyday? count me in for life! lol) i laughed at least once a day and always made the most out of each of those 365 days of the year. i look forward to even more excitement and adventure and happiness in 2016 and may it be the best year yet for all:)

my last summer weekend in colorado: to the mountains!

IMG_1636 for my last weekend at home, i really wanted to get up to the mountains one more time as i miss them when i’m back east! mama had the brilliant idea of driving up to vail and going horse back riding (more on that later) so we made a day out of it and stopped in avon and beaver creek as well, enjoying all that the little mountain towns have to offer!

IMG_1637  IMG_1639

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