2015 really was a great one. i visited four countries, fifteen states, and countless cities. i went on road trips and cruises and was reminded once again of how much i love to travel. i finished my first year of college and started my sophomore year in the fall. i made new friendships and celebrated thirteen years of friendships with my closest friends at home. i saw my first concert in the city and spent almost every weekend in the one and only nyc. i was introduced to to my new favorite game, heads up. i nannied for the two cutest and funniest kids in the world over the summer and learned that there really is no better job than nannying (the zoo and the pool all day, everyday? count me in for life! lol) i laughed at least once a day and always made the most out of each of those 365 days of the year. i look forward to even more excitement and adventure and happiness in 2016 and may it be the best year yet for all:)