mother-daughter weekend in the big apple!!


happy thursday everyone!! it’s been a while but i’m back sharing photos and a bit about what i did a few weekends ago with my friend tara, her mom, vivian and my mom, val! viv and val, the infamous duo, have been bff’s since they were 18 and tara and i have grown up hearing countless stories about their escapades over the years (although some stories we just cannot get out of them–not even after several glasses of wine as we’ve tried before haha). tara and viv had never been to nyc before so not only did we get to do all of the classic touristy things, but my mom and i also got to show them our fav things to do after visiting countless times.

let me just note now that our moms are seriously THE BEST for making this trip work, as well as just being the fun and “hip” (lol) mothers they are-getting lemon drops and going to dream baby and staying out till 2am-well one of the nights at least;) we wouldn’t be the daughters we are without you two! ❤

partaking in some of my favorite things in my favorite city with my favorite people definitely tops my list of manhattan memories.

anyways, our weekend began friday morning, ended sunday afternoon and the many photos in-between are below…

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baking christmas sugar cookies!


yesterday my sis and i were really feeling the christmas spirit so we decided to bake and decorate sugar cookies! she had gotten a few new cookie cutters the other day from sur la table (including a wine glass cutter that we of course had to include with all the other christmas ones because it was just so cute lol) so we decided it was a perfect time to make them. we had pretty much everything we needed and only ran out to get some white frosting (and flowers because i couldn’t resist the ones at the store).

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a sunny weekend in new york city


this post is a collection of photos from friday and saturday in nyc this past weekend! like i said in my last post, my dad and i had the absolute best time and squeezed in so many things during our short trip there.

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top of the rock and much much more!


in case you missed the millions of snapchats and instagrams of mine, you should know that this past weekend my dad and i spent a few days back in new york city! i wasn’t able to move in to school until sunday so we had the perfect idea of preparing with a few days back in the big apple. we fit in as much as possible in the quick little trip, which was filled with walking, delicious food, amazing views, and lots and lots of blisters!

our friday started at 3am when we woke up to catch our flight and didn’t end until 1am at serendipity! and in between was a whole lot of fun. a bunch of photos below!

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sister date ideas!


okay so sisters… if you have one sometimes you wish you didn’t and if you don’t sometimes you wish you did. for those of us lucky enough to have a sister, or two, or even more, you know what it’s like to love someone so much than you could seriously crush them with a hug and at the same time despise them so much that you think this time you’d actually be mean enough to cut off their hair in their sleep. my sister is the only person i know that can drive me so crazy i can’t even look at her and then 10 minutes later be dying laughing about some inside joke we have together. but let me just say right now, 11 times out of 10, i couldn’t be happier to have a little sis.

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another day, another festival!


earlier today, a few of us headed over to cherry creek for the cherry creek arts festival to spend the day wandering around some gorgeous collections and grab a bite to eat. the festival is located in cherry creek north and is going on through tomorrow so if you have the time, i would recommend going! not only are there a bunch of exquisite artists and pieces at the festival, but there are also soooo many places to get food and shop too (like lululemon, francesca’s, and kate spade)! plus, everyone was all dressed up in red, white, and blue today so i can’t even imagine how festive people will be tomorrow!

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places to eat in nyc!


alright so as promised, this next post is all about places to eat in manhattan! (first post on things to do in nyc HERE). i’m thoroughly convinced that you could live in new york city all your life, eat at a different restaurant every day, and still not try all of the places available! so i’m just going to start this off by saying that there are seriously sooooo many amazing places to eat and i’ve just barely begun trying them all. plus, once i find a place i really like, i tend to go there often which also doesn’t help me in trying to constantly eat at new places. but i make an effort to not go to the same restaurants too often. that being said, there are some places that i would eat at again and again everyday for the rest of my life and never get bored.

one of my favorite things about new york in general is the fact that there are so many different options, for every meal of the day. while it makes narrowing down somewhere to eat extremely difficult at times, it also allows for so many possibilities. i think food is such an important part of life and trying new things always helps to understand and appreciate how different every culture and cuisine is.

that being said, below, i’ve included a long list of my absolute favorite places to eat in manhattan, including brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert options. if you ever end up checking any of these places out, let me know because i hope you’ll agree with me in how wonderful they all are!:)



1. Café Henrie

i first visited cafe henri just a couple weeks ago after hearing about it from multiple sources. it’s an adorable little coffee shop/diner where you can sit and chat with friends or read or work on the computer. the place is also decked out in cute pink accessories, making it a girls dream. menu

location: 116 Forsyth Street, New York, NY 10003


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an afternoon in aspen


this past thursday and friday my mom and em and i decided to venture to the mountains to take advantage of some absolutely gorgeous weather! we spent one night in vail, then drove through aspen and independence pass on friday on our way back to town. visiting aspen is always one of my favorite things to do, especially during the summer. the flowers and the weather and the views… i can’t even describe how wonderful everything is there!

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life lately!


i just got back from spring break this week and had the best time! i went home to colorado for break and it was nice to take some time off to recharge. when i was packing to go home, the weather said 60’s and sunny almost all week and i was so excited because for the most part the weather in new jersey hadn’t been too nice. however, the weather is always so unpredictable in colorado and so we ended up getting one day where it was 75 degrees and the next day we got 15 inches of snow in a blizzard, haha. nonetheless, we made the most out of each day. below are some photos from spring break and other random fun days!

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