my current reading list + rambling about homeland

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time for another reading list because it’s #WorldBookDay! at this point i bet 90% of my posts can be summed up as either an nyc-related event or a book blog but i guess those are just my priorities these days haha.

however can i just start this off by saying that i haven’t even thought about a book for almost the past three weeks because i have been fervently watching the entirety of homeland in said span of time. it is my equivalent of crack. i’ve spent practically every spare minute watching this show because it has slowly taken over my life. i watch it on the bus (eagerly fighting carsickness the entire time), while racing to and from interning in nyc (this is extremely nerve-racking to my father as he is convinced i will be hit by a cab and oftentimes results in him calling to “catch up” with me in these moments of the day so i won’t be so distracted), while getting ready (i have become excellent at putting on mascara as my eyes are glued to the television), walking to class, literally any moment i have time. last sunday i was flying back to nj from las vegas and i left at 7am and didn’t get home until 10pm due to connections and extreme delays (because you know, mercury is in retrograde). normally i would have been HELLA annoyed about this because i never have connections and my flights are never delayed, but it presented me with the opportunity to watch season 5 in its entirety over the course of one whole day, so i was pleasant and happy as a clam the entire wait. i’ve now concluded that the show has also made me a better person.

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mother-daughter weekend in the big apple!!


happy thursday everyone!! it’s been a while but i’m back sharing photos and a bit about what i did a few weekends ago with my friend tara, her mom, vivian and my mom, val! viv and val, the infamous duo, have been bff’s since they were 18 and tara and i have grown up hearing countless stories about their escapades over the years (although some stories we just cannot get out of them–not even after several glasses of wine as we’ve tried before haha). tara and viv had never been to nyc before so not only did we get to do all of the classic touristy things, but my mom and i also got to show them our fav things to do after visiting countless times.

let me just note now that our moms are seriously THE BEST for making this trip work, as well as just being the fun and “hip” (lol) mothers they are-getting lemon drops and going to dream baby and staying out till 2am-well one of the nights at least;) we wouldn’t be the daughters we are without you two! ❤

partaking in some of my favorite things in my favorite city with my favorite people definitely tops my list of manhattan memories.

anyways, our weekend began friday morning, ended sunday afternoon and the many photos in-between are below…

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my favorite pink places in nyc!


happy valentines day everyone!! the past few years i’ve been in nyc for valentines day (we’ve usually had the day off because it lined up with president’s break) and my absolute favorite thing to see each year is the empire state building at night because it’s lit up red and flashes like a heart beat! also it always reminds me of sleepless in seattle which is top on my list of all time fave movies. i’m not in manhattan today but was reminiscing about years past scrolling through photos on my phone today so i thought i’d make a little post about all of my favorite “pink” places to go in nyc! okay some of them aren’t so much pink themed as they just have cute pink-colored things to see… they aren’t vday specific either, even though you could definitely go to some of them today and it would be extra adorable i’m sure! but, i would visit a pink themed place literally any day of the year so this is in no way specific to today! also half of them are spring-related because ugh i am ready for winter to be over because i want FLOWERS!!!!! alright anyways the word pink is starting to sound weird because i’ve written it so many times so starting the list….

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links i love


hello all and happy wednesday! i’m finally back on the east coast for school and interning and loving every minute of it. over the past few months, i have accumulated a collection of daily sites i love to visit to read all about my favorite things-fashion, new york, life advice, and overall articles that just put me in a better mood. every day i’m inspired by a piece i’ve read or a photo i’ve seen and i can’t help but want to share these things with others too, so they can also get in on the optimism!

on my iphone, i recently created favorites on the safari home page for easy access to all of my favorite places to read articles. i’ll read them on the commute to the city, with my morning coffee, during lunch-really any time i have a free moment to spare. there are so many great places to find inspiration and advice online. and i’ve learned that taking little snippets during each day to read them has also helped me be more productive with my time.

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my current reads + a guest post by my sister emma!!


hello all! i hope everyone had a happy holiday season. since i’ve been home for a few weeks, i’ve had time to get through a ton of books! i think in the first week i was home, i finished 3. i’ve seen and read so many great books lately that i figured it was time to share some of them. one of my new years resolutions has been to read more (even though most people probably think i read enough already, haha). i just love getting caught up in stories that have me enthralled for hours, making it impossible to put the book down, even when i can barely stay awake. anyways, if anyone else has any resolutions to read more in 2017, these will hopefully do the trick to get you in the reading spirit too!

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links i love!


a collection of some fun links to articles i’ve read over the past few weeks and thought i’d share!

  1. a nancy meyers guide to los angeles-she has directed and produced some of the greatest movies (the holiday, the parent trap, father of the bride, the intern, it’s complicated)  and i would be all for this next time i’m in california!
  2. eataly is opening an italian food theme park in bologna italy-guess i’ll be planning a trip there next!
  3. health trends that will be all the rage in 2017
  4. secret speakeasy bars in nyc-yes please!
  5. 2016’s crazy fashion trends in review
  6. some of the most colorful instagram accounts to brighten up your day
  7. the victoria’s secret fashion show is tonight and here’s a list of things all girls say while they’re watching
  8. a budget-friendly holiday gift guide for friends and family
  9. 6 celebrity home tours-i wish this was a job, just touring beautiful homes, how nice would that be?! i think i’d be pretty great at it too!
  10. 31 looks to copy this december-i’m literally always in need of fashion inspiration

the rockefeller christmas tree lighting!


happy thursday everyone! (or as i prefer to call it, friday eve!) if you follow along on my instagram or snapchat (you can still watch it for a few more hours, i’m megangerali6 over there), then you saw sneak peeks from wednesday, but today i’m posting a bunch more photos from when friends and i went to the rockefeller christmas tree lighting last night!

first off, can i just say that there is, without a doubt, no better place to be during christmas than new york city. EVERYTHING is decked out in lights and festive colors and there are christmas trees on every other block. i fall for this city more and more as each holiday season arrives. it really doesn’t get much better than this.

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my current reads!


as of lately, i’ve had a major kick for reading and have been flying through any book i can get my hands on. it hasn’t always been this way… i used to HATE reading and wouldn’t have been caught dead with a book in my hands. my little sister, on the other hand, has always love loved reading and when we were younger she would BEG me to read a book she had just finished and thought was so good. and i was always the bratty older sister who refused each and every time (i’m so sorry emma, i really am!!)

anyways, nowadays i am hardly ever without a book (although i will admit, sometimes i will buy one, read a few chapters, then buy another book that sounded great too, forgetting the past book altogether… i’m trying to work on this, haha). but when i intern in the city, i usually get in pretty early and love to start the day with a coffee at starbucks and a chapter or two of my current read (i know, i know, i’m in new york city and i choose to get STARBUCKS of all things, but the gold points keep me coming back, haha). i’m bummed that i get so carsick, otherwise i would spend my hour commute each way reading too!

i thought i’d share some of the books i’ve read recently below, as well as a few others that are on my “must read” list!

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things to do this fall!


first of all, the above photo is from last december when my sister came to visit in nyc and we had the greatest weekend ever! but it was so funny because we were in total christmas mode and the leaves were JUST changing!! (actually let’s be real, i’m already in christmas mode now haha, but the warm weather staying throughout em’s visit was a total bonus!)

anyways, it’s officially the first week of fall and i could not be more excited for this season to come! the weather this week has felt extra fall-like, which has been a nice change from the hot and humid weather we’ve endured for the past few months! this season on the east coast is especially gorgeous, with the leaves changing and pumpkin patches and the fact that everyone here gets 10 times more enthusiastic about halloween than anywhere else. also, i could seriously spend every day of fall at the halloween store or the halloween themed section of target… seriously aren’t those the best?!

below i’ve included a bunch of ideas for things to do that are especially fall-related. some of them you can do anywhere, while others are specific to the new york/new jersey area. however, i’ve included links to other options for my colorado people at the end, too! because shout out to colorado for having such a beautiful fall as well.


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