pineapple summer!!


alright so if you follow me on instagram or facebook, you’ve probably seen quite a few pineapple photos. this summer was deemed “pineapple summer” and it was one of my favorite summers to date. and i always get asked why it was the summer of the pineapple and figured i might as well explain it once and for all here-with a bunch of fun photos too!

i really can’t take a ton of credit, as one of my best friends, lindsey, is the one who thought up pineapple summer. she’s always thinking of fun and silly things like that and when i first saw her after flying back from school, she so graciously informed me that the theme of the summer would be pineapples. and i laughed and went with it. but then, as i was walking around the paper source store in cherry creek one day (which side note has the cutest things ever, all the time) i saw two pairs of pineapple sunglasses!! so i of course had to buy a pair for each of us and then surprised lindsey with them. and those sunglasses have gone with us pretty much everywhere this summer. we also got matching pineapple floaties because why not?!

as usual, may thru august has already come and gone and it feels like just yesterday i was on my flight home from new jersey. but it was so so great to be back in colorado for the past few months! even though i am most certainly excited to be back in nyc:)

also a special thanks to all my glenwood girlfriends for adopting me while i was back home and always being the greatest friends. i’ll miss you all bunches this fall!

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em and i’s last week in pictures


today there was a sale on hydrangeas at the store and i about died!! hydrangeas are seriously my favorite flower ever and i literally buy them all the time. anyways, this was a busy week with nannying and interning and getting emma packed for college, especially as i try to spend practically every waking minute hanging out with her, lol. however, we managed to have a couple fun moments here and there! so below are some pictures from the week and i hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

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sister date ideas!


okay so sisters… if you have one sometimes you wish you didn’t and if you don’t sometimes you wish you did. for those of us lucky enough to have a sister, or two, or even more, you know what it’s like to love someone so much than you could seriously crush them with a hug and at the same time despise them so much that you think this time you’d actually be mean enough to cut off their hair in their sleep. my sister is the only person i know that can drive me so crazy i can’t even look at her and then 10 minutes later be dying laughing about some inside joke we have together. but let me just say right now, 11 times out of 10, i couldn’t be happier to have a little sis.

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canvas and cocktails!!


emma, my mom and i went to canvas and cocktails in cherry creek north for the first time yesterday and had seriously such a fun time!! in case you haven’t heard about it, at canvas and cocktails they have a schedule of different paintings they do each day and then you can choose which painting you like best and sign up for a step by step class where they show you how to paint it! all three of us are very type A and not creative like at all so to have someone telling us exactly what to paint and when was right up our alley! plus they have fun music and cocktails and if you happen to be far more creative than 80 percent of the people there, you’re free to paint whatever you want on your blank canvas too!

anyways, it was 2 and 1/2 hours of pure dancing, painting, and laughing and i would HIGHLY recommend going there sometime! they have tons of different locations and you can find them and their schedules HERE. more photos of the afternoon below!:)

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another day, another festival!


earlier today, a few of us headed over to cherry creek for the cherry creek arts festival to spend the day wandering around some gorgeous collections and grab a bite to eat. the festival is located in cherry creek north and is going on through tomorrow so if you have the time, i would recommend going! not only are there a bunch of exquisite artists and pieces at the festival, but there are also soooo many places to get food and shop too (like lululemon, francesca’s, and kate spade)! plus, everyone was all dressed up in red, white, and blue today so i can’t even imagine how festive people will be tomorrow!

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larimer street chalk festival


on sunday i convinced emma to check out the larimer street chalk art festival with me in downtown denver! artists from all over the state came to create some amazing chalk pieces and we loved cruising through to admire them all. there were also some great vendors selling food and drinks. it was a gorgeous and sunny day with hardly any clouds in the sky- you could tell everyone else had the same idea as we did because i think half the people in the state were at the fair, haha.

click the “read more” link for a bunch more photos!

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life lately!


i just got back from spring break this week and had the best time! i went home to colorado for break and it was nice to take some time off to recharge. when i was packing to go home, the weather said 60’s and sunny almost all week and i was so excited because for the most part the weather in new jersey hadn’t been too nice. however, the weather is always so unpredictable in colorado and so we ended up getting one day where it was 75 degrees and the next day we got 15 inches of snow in a blizzard, haha. nonetheless, we made the most out of each day. below are some photos from spring break and other random fun days!

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2015 really was a great one. i visited four countries, fifteen states, and countless cities. i went on road trips and cruises and was reminded once again of how much i love to travel. i finished my first year of college and started my sophomore year in the fall. i made new friendships and celebrated thirteen years of friendships with my closest friends at home. i saw my first concert in the city and spent almost every weekend in the one and only nyc. i was introduced to to my new favorite game, heads up. i nannied for the two cutest and funniest kids in the world over the summer and learned that there really is no better job than nannying (the zoo and the pool all day, everyday? count me in for life! lol) i laughed at least once a day and always made the most out of each of those 365 days of the year. i look forward to even more excitement and adventure and happiness in 2016 and may it be the best year yet for all:)

little man ice cream!

em and i enjoyed a fun little sister date tonight to little man ice cream! they seriously have some of the best ice cream in town and there’s always a giant line (soooo worth the wait, though!). located in the highlands, it’s the perfect place to grab a sweet treat after dinner at one of the millions of restaurants nearby (lola and linger to name a few) or after a nice afternoon stroll through the many shops. tonight they had a live band playing and, with the hanging lights, perfect weather, and some waffle cones in our hands, we couldn’t have asked for a better sissy date:)

IMG_1030  IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1034 ^^^love that they have a bit of info on the story behind little man to glance at while you wait in line.

IMG_1035 IMG_1036 e and i both had coconut almond fudge and it was just the best, really! however i also tried the salted oreo during my quest to select a flavor and that was definitely runner up- gives me a reason to go back for a “next time”;)

IMG_1040  IMG_1037IMG_1039IMG_1038IMG_1042thanks, little man, for yet another exquisite summer night!