mother-daughter weekend in the big apple!!


happy thursday everyone!! it’s been a while but i’m back sharing photos and a bit about what i did a few weekends ago with my friend tara, her mom, vivian and my mom, val! viv and val, the infamous duo, have been bff’s since they were 18 and tara and i have grown up hearing countless stories about their escapades over the years (although some stories we just cannot get out of them–not even after several glasses of wine as we’ve tried before haha). tara and viv had never been to nyc before so not only did we get to do all of the classic touristy things, but my mom and i also got to show them our fav things to do after visiting countless times.

let me just note now that our moms are seriously THE BEST for making this trip work, as well as just being the fun and “hip” (lol) mothers they are-getting lemon drops and going to dream baby and staying out till 2am-well one of the nights at least;) we wouldn’t be the daughters we are without you two! ❤

partaking in some of my favorite things in my favorite city with my favorite people definitely tops my list of manhattan memories.

anyways, our weekend began friday morning, ended sunday afternoon and the many photos in-between are below…


we took a cab to our hotel in midtown friday, dropped off our bags, and (after grabbing starbucks, of course! (yes, sacrilege, there are a million and one unique coffee shops to try in nyc and we go to starbs blah blah blah tell that to their butter croissants and breakfast sandwiches)) walked to grand central.


shake shack for lunch because duh how else do you start a weekend in the city?!


we stopped in the new york public library before walking up fifth ave (including a shopping break at zara because we don’t have them back home and it’s the best store ever). emma i took this photo because the book reminded me that we both (ally!<3) have two little sisters that were with us in spirit during the trip!


top of the rock!! i will take literally any excuse to make a trip to the top-it is my favorite spot in all of manhattan.


it was also sooooooooo windy the day we visited, as noted by some of the photos haha.


^^ what a wreck!!


let the drinks begin with happy hour at the plaza! along with some delightful little snacks.


after stopping in times square, we took a cab back to the hotel and got ready for dinner and cocktails in chelsea.


we put our name in at barbuto and then walked a few blocks north to the bar at the top of the standard hotel and IT WAS SO COOL!! i’d been wanting to go for a while and we felt like such trendy new yorkers at the top, sipping on cocktails with a view that did not disappoint. defs a place to put on your list.


^^^ moms getting serious with the menu.


we then asked them to take a wine drinking photo of us and they then proceeded to make fun of us by pretending to take one too haha.


to end the night we went to dream baby and beauty and essex, and let me say dream baby (my fav bar) did not disappoint-even to our moms who were just barely above the average age of people there hahaha they just know where it’s at!


saturday started with more starbucks and a walk down the high line to chelsea market.


how could we not take a picture next to this sign?! haha


wine in soho!


^^ tara hailing her first cab! except someone upstreamed us and totally took that one we were flagging down as if!

we then had wine in the hotel before dinner at quality italian in midtown and had a blast just hanging out in the room telling stories and getting ready.


i was obsessed with these wine glasses at the restaurant-not olivia pope cool but pretty close!!


buddakan for lemon drops! afterwards we dropped the moms off at the hotel and kept the meter running while tara and i then cabbed it down to dream baby for our last night out.


sunday was a slow start as the weekend’s long days and nights hit us pretty hard lol-but we rallied and went down to the 9/11 memorial, which is one of the things tara and viv really wanted to do! they also wanted to check out the 9/11 museum and my mom and i had never been so we happily obliged. i didn’t have any particular expectations for it but WOW is that museum beautiful. it was so tastefully put together and we were just in awe the entire time. i highly recommend it if you’re visiting the memorial (however i’d like to note that it’s long and you could easily spend an entire afternoon in there, so carve out a good amount of time for it).


wrapping up the trip, we stopped inside the new eataly (italian heaven) downtown for a bite to eat before checking out of the hotel and going our separate ways.


thanks times a million for visiting guys and you’re welcome back any time!! 🙂

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