my favorite pink places in nyc!


happy valentines day everyone!! the past few years i’ve been in nyc for valentines day (we’ve usually had the day off because it lined up with president’s break) and my absolute favorite thing to see each year is the empire state building at night because it’s lit up red and flashes like a heart beat! also it always reminds me of sleepless in seattle which is top on my list of all time fave movies. i’m not in manhattan today but was reminiscing about years past scrolling through photos on my phone today so i thought i’d make a little post about all of my favorite “pink” places to go in nyc! okay some of them aren’t so much pink themed as they just have cute pink-colored things to see… they aren’t vday specific either, even though you could definitely go to some of them today and it would be extra adorable i’m sure! but, i would visit a pink themed place literally any day of the year so this is in no way specific to today! also half of them are spring-related because ugh i am ready for winter to be over because i want FLOWERS!!!!! alright anyways the word pink is starting to sound weird because i’ve written it so many times so starting the list….

sweets by chloe


byChloe has all vegan sweets and no i’m not a vegan but they are actually really good desserts!! also the front and “you batter believe it” sign are so worth the trip down to greenwich village. the cupcakes come in pink striped boxes too… convinced yet???

flower district


the flower district is located on 28th between 6th and 7th ave. i haven’t been down there since the fall but they always have the best collection of flowers in manhattan! i didn’t know this place even existed until late last year so i am just counting down the days until spring because i cannot even imagine how gorgeous this street will be then!



tiny’s has a restaurant on the main floor as well as a bar upstairs. and the outside is pink gah love!



of course this place made the list and i don’t even need to talk about it because i talk about it in like every other blog post haha. i am not a huge fan of touristy places in nyc anymore (times square is my living nightmare, lol) buttttttt i would still wait in a 3 hour line for this place any day:)

dream baby


my friend melanie and i’s absolute FAVORITE place in the east village! they play the best songs from 80’s to 90’s to just the classics everyone knows and can sing along to. and they also have pink cosmos so we would basically live there if we could.

brooklyn botanic gardens


^^^ side note, this is a photo i took from a trip to the bbg with my friend jess my first year of college and i was NOT a skilled photographer in any way back then (still am not now but i’m at least a bit better (or maybe it’s just the iPhone cameras getting better hahaha)) but it is probably my favorite photo i’ve ever taken and has been my screensaver for three years now.


the brooklyn botanic gardens in the spring (preferably in may when all the cherry blossoms are in full bloom!!) is one of my favorite “pink” places to visit in new york. after enduring some rough cold days january-march (and even april usually) walking through the gardens surrounded by a zillion flowers and the warm sun on your face is maybe the greatest thing ever.

cafe henri


pink tables, pink cups, pink menus, and coffee… pretty obvious.

pietro nolita


photo: pinterest

so i actually haven’t visited here yet but it is top on my list because it is the pinkest place i’ve ever seen! and they serve italian food!! and i think i read that maybe one of the pastas is pink because of some special ingredient they put in it (something other than food coloring if that is what people are thinking hahaha).

well there you go, my top pink places to see in nyc! happy vday i’ll be watching this is us with friends at 9pm after my night class because oh my gosh that show makes my life!! seriously go watch it if you haven’t it’s on hulu and maybe or something but you will be happy you did i promise… it’s my favorite show and that is saying something because those that know me know that i watch a lot of tv haha okay signing off because now i want to talk all about the tv shows i’m watching and that would be a looooooong post.

have a nice evening everyone!! xo



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