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hello all and happy wednesday! i’m finally back on the east coast for school and interning and loving every minute of it. over the past few months, i have accumulated a collection of daily sites i love to visit to read all about my favorite things-fashion, new york, life advice, and overall articles that just put me in a better mood. every day i’m inspired by a piece i’ve read or a photo i’ve seen and i can’t help but want to share these things with others too, so they can also get in on the optimism!

on my iphone, i recently created favorites on the safari home page for easy access to all of my favorite places to read articles. i’ll read them on the commute to the city, with my morning coffee, during lunch-really any time i have a free moment to spare. there are so many great places to find inspiration and advice online. and i’ve learned that taking little snippets during each day to read them has also helped me be more productive with my time.

below i’ve listed some of my go-to places to peruse each day, as well as links to my favorite articles from each site 🙂


fashion, fitness, celebrity, lifestyle

article i loved: iconic 80’s movies you can stream on netflix right now-YES PLEASE


who what wear:

celebrity style and fashion trends

article i loved: the #1 reason you’re packing all wrong-guilty! #confessionsofanoverpacker


the everygirl:

culture, travel, living, wellness, fashion & beauty

article i loved: 9 signs you’re outgrowing a friendship-and what to do about it



covers the stuff you want to know about — style, culture, beauty, wellness, relationships and careers — the way we’d want to hear about it: smartly, honestly and with a joke or seven thrown in for good measure (taken straight from their site and so accurate)

article i loved: gird your loins-“the devil wears prada” is coming to broadway-THIS IS THE BEST NEWS OF 2017 SO FAR!!!



decor, food, travel, finance, relationships, shop

article i loved: life changing things 7 successful women did in their 20’s



fashion and luxury

article i loved: 13 weatherproof shoes disguised as chic black boots-yes please! because i always hate how it’s all about cute winter clothes and ads until january is over… like uhhh why am i seeing printed flower dresses in the middle of february?! it’s a blizzard outside!


glitter guide:

living, entertaining, fashion, beauty

article i loved: february’s must reads-i’ve already read the regulars and loved it!



sassy and hilarious depictions on daily news, celebs, scandals, and basically you’ll be loling no matter what you read (highly suggest if you watch “the bachelor” because their recaps are the greatest)

article i loved: american girl dolls ranked by betchiness-if you had an american girl doll and don’t find this hilarious, we can’t be friends


gal meets glam:

fashion, beauty, travel-i keep up with a few different blogs but she is by far my fave-her outfits are always spot on and her and her husband on snapchat and insta are maybe the best things ever

article i loved: THIS post from when she visited venice! emma and i are planning a europe trip in may and venice is one of the places we’re visiting so you bet we are taking all the travel and style advice we can find from her blog


the infatuation:

great places to eat in nyc (need i say more???)

article i loved: 23 wine bars in nyc that don’t suck-the minute i saw wine i knew this was a winner



diy, crafts, classes (literally if you need anything even remotely diy or party related, this is where you should be going. and yeah maybe i never follow through with like any of the diy articles and projects i promised i would do after reading about them here but heyyyyyyyy maybe one day i will! until then, i just live through their adorable parties pretending i had a hand in the matter)

article i loved: how to throw an epic galentine’s day brunch-galentines day brunches may be my favorite thing ever— a legitimate excuse to drink mimosas/champers all day long beginning at 10am yes please


well, that concludes the round-up of my favorite links! even if you have just 10 minutes in the morning to do some following up, check some of these out because they honestly always start my day off right. girls rule.

my friend mel and i are planning some more fun nyc blogs this month so stay tuned!! xo

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