baking christmas sugar cookies!


yesterday my sis and i were really feeling the christmas spirit so we decided to bake and decorate sugar cookies! she had gotten a few new cookie cutters the other day from sur la table (including a wine glass cutter that we of course had to include with all the other christmas ones because it was just so cute lol) so we decided it was a perfect time to make them. we had pretty much everything we needed and only ran out to get some white frosting (and flowers because i couldn’t resist the ones at the store).

nine times out of ten when emma and i decide to take on a project that involves baking or cooking of any kind, someone ends up in tears because the other one messed something up and now it doesn’t look like we wanted it to and “WHY did you do that when the directions said to add the flour SLOWLY?! now the dough is all messed up ugh i don’t want to do this anymore!”-actual thing emerson has said. usually we laugh about it after (or we never speak of it again) BUTTTT this time nothing went wrong and we had the perfect amount of ingredients and no one yelled at each other and it was a miracle!!!! marking the day because it may never happen again.


hydrangeas and amaryllis, a perfect festive holiday combination.


we also had some of these plastic bags and various shaped tips (which i think you can just get at your local grocery store) so that when it came time to making the frosting we could make different colors and fun patterns for decorating! we had sprinkles, but you can easily find those at the store too.


we made the dough in the morning and then let it chill for a few hours (per the recipe, which we found HERE). this made it way easier to roll out when the time came. also, when first making the dough for this recipe, be sure to add the last bit of flour in VERY slowly because we’ve learned that if not the dough won’t stick together and you’ll have to keep adding more milk slowly at a time to offset it-a tricky process just avoid it if you can!


we sprinkled a little flour and powdered sugar on the parchment paper and rolling pin so that the dough wouldn’t stick.


time to lay out the cookie cutters! we rolled the dough to be about 1/4 inch thick and then, as in the photo below, put the cutters as close together as possible to fit as many outlines as we could each time.


once they were all cut out, we threw them in the oven (don’t forget to spray the pan! another mistake that has ended in tears) for 8 minutes, with them baking to be a nice golden brown. after that, we were a rolling and cookie cutting machine and emma kept re-rolling out the dough while i put more in the oven. we were able to make about 30 cookies by the end, so it’s allows for a pretty good amount.


next it was time to make the icing! we added four tablespoons and one teaspoon of warm water to the powdered mix and then beat it on low speed for one minute, followed by medium speed for 2-3 minutes.


when the frosting was finished, we separated it into two bowls and added green and red food coloring. (rip that bowl on the right with the “red” frosting (that totally looks pink i know but i had already added soooo much red coloring i eventually had had enough) that i broke shortly after this photo was taken)


we added the colored frosting into the piping bags and finally it was time to decorate!


i think i’m most proud of that snowflake with the “red” dots in the middle because it sure took some patience and i didn’t mess it up!


and last, these photos illustrate that in no way did all the cookies look even remotely great.


seriously how do you decorate snowmen/gingerbread men cookies without them looking like crazed serial killers?! we would really like to know. also that snowflake top right is emma’s, i don’t want anyone thinking i made that hideous thing.


this final photo semi illustrates how i felt after emma decorated THREE cookies and then left me to decorate the other 27!!!!! because it’s fun but also not so fun after the first 15 and your hands start to cramp from all that laborious icing. ok done complaining because it is only cookie decorating after all haha.

merry christmas everyone, only 3 days left!!

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