the rockefeller christmas tree lighting!


happy thursday everyone! (or as i prefer to call it, friday eve!) if you follow along on my instagram or snapchat (you can still watch it for a few more hours, i’m megangerali6 over there), then you saw sneak peeks from wednesday, but today i’m posting a bunch more photos from when friends and i went to the rockefeller christmas tree lighting last night!

first off, can i just say that there is, without a doubt, no better place to be during christmas than new york city. EVERYTHING is decked out in lights and festive colors and there are christmas trees on every other block. i fall for this city more and more as each holiday season arrives. it really doesn’t get much better than this.

anyways, after numerous changes in plans, i ended up going with my friends kayla and julia because kayla got me an extra vip (!!!) ticket to watch from some of the best seats in the house-KAYLA YOU ROCK THANK YOU!!!!! we met up at 45 rockefeller and then took the elevator to the 16th floor, where they had dinner and drinks and the most incredible views of the city and the tree! but of course, we wanted to see it in person. there was a special location right near the tree blocked off for us so, with rain boots in tow, we headed downstairs and got front row seats in the barricade to watch!  we stood outside for about 2 hours waiting for the magic moment when the today show peeps (and also alec baldwin and kate mckinnon!) pressed the button and lit the tree! and even though it poured and we couldn’t feel our fingers by the end, it was still one of the greatest nights ever.

more pics below!


the lighting display at saks fifth avenue, right across from rockefeller!


views from atop. it doesn’t get much better than this for city sights.


** note how nice and dry my hair looks right here… LOL if i had only known what the next 15 minutes would bring.


you couldn’t really see the performances unless you were actually on the rink, so they had tons of giant tv’s to watch from. even in the cold wind and rain, everyone was singing along to all the classic christmas songs performed!


…during the torrential downpour!!!


afterwards the three of us walked to starbucks and then through times square (which was DEAD compared to usual) while waiting to catch the bus back. christmas in new york i just love you!!

anyways, stay tuned because ill probably be doing a “things to do in nyc during christmas” post soon!! have a nice weekend everyone! only 25 days until christmas! xo


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