the holidays


happy holidays everyone!! i’m listening to christmas music as i write this and am in full on holiday mode! i fly home for thanksgiving break on saturday and couldn’t be more excited- family, i miss you!! however, i’m equally excited about this time ahead of us because christmas in new york is hands down THE MOST AMAZING THING ON PLANET EARTH (cue home alone 2, serendipity, miracle on 34th street, you’ve got mail, and duh ELF to prove it). honestly, every day in this city is the greatest, but this time is something else altogether. the streets are lit up and everyone is happy and there are christmas trees and ice skaters and christmas music playing at all times. new york city really pulls out all the stops and i couldn’t love it more.

that being said, i know we still aren’t even through with thanksgiving, so i’m going to tone it down a bit (for now). i have actually always wanted to go to the macy’s day parade too (except i’m a-okay with watching from some hotel room or apartment on the street above because that thing is LONG and sometimes cold and crowded and i just feel like it’d be way better to watch while sipping mimosas with brunch and the fam in a heated room with a view-but thats just me).

anyways, in the event that you’re just as ready for christmas as i am, below are some sneak peek photos of how the big apple is prepping for the holidays. maybe after seeing them you’ll understand why i practically just skip right past thanksgiving every year (in all honesty i feel sorry for that holiday, it’s like the neglected middle child of halloween and christmas).

*side note-some of my girlfriends and i are going to the rockefeller tree lighting on november 30th, when we’re back from break, and i’m practically hyperventilating just thinking about it right now! and yes that event is also long and crowded and even colder than the macy’s day parade and yet i would wait for DAYS to see it if i had to, haha. seriously though-it’s like a christmas concert and also MARIAH CAREY SINGS ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU so how can you not go??? (wow megan, toning down the christmas chat lasted for soooooo long!))

but okay i’m done, pictures!!


bringing home 3 million of these because they are the best chocolates around-max brenner  knows what they’re doing


ill blog about the tree lighting and things to do in nyc during december in the coming weeks-so stay tuned-but for now, “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”-yayyy for colorado who finally got snow today!!

xo have a great weekend!!!

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